Conceria La Perla Azzura Missouri

Conceria La Perla Azzurra makes some of the best leather in the world; especially when it comes to veg tanned cowhide.  Missouri is up there with the best.

Conceria Walpier Buttero

Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from Conceria Walpier Tanneryin Tuscany, Italy. They are well known for their traditional methods of vegetable tanning with tree barks that go back 100's of years.

European Sides

Tanned by one of the oldest tanneries in Europe, this century old tradition of producing exquisite vegetable tanned leather creates the color and detail you would expect from a premium carving leather.

French Chévre

Imported goat skin from France. Semi-firm and rich in colors. We have wide range of available colors to choose from.


The Epsom leather comes from the male calfskin and what gives the leather a rigid and textured look is due to the embossment of the grain patterns into the leather.

Crocodile Leather

Our croc skins are from Heng Long, which produces exotic skins for the top international fashion houses such as LV, Hermes etc.

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